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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Measures and delivery ability

Dear Customers and Partners,

Overcoming major challenges such as a viral pandemic in our society requires coordinated action and commitment from all parties involved. As a company, we are contributing to the solution alongside each and every one of our employees. 

For that reason, we at KRACHT have implemented measures to protect our employees and their families. In all areas, appropriate precautions have been taken and additional rules of conduct have been established. In production, we have separated shift changes, production is carried out in separate shifts and a large part of the commercial departments works in the home office.

We want to fundamentally assure you that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure the ability of our company to deliver. Thanks to the high degree of vertical manufacturing integration, we have sufficient safety stocks, which we constantly check and adjust. We are continuously monitoring the effects of the coronavirus and are in regular contact with our customers and suppliers. Should any impacts emerge, we will provide timely information and find solutions.

We will meet this challenge in close cooperation with our partners and together with you we will overcome this extraordinary situation.

Please stay healthy!
Your KRACHT team


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