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Multiple Pumps


Low pressure gear pumps KF +
high pressure gear pumps KP

We have designed the multiple pumps to achieve thehighest performance with the smallest possible installation space. The combination of different sizes and stages results in great variety and flexibility. Our individual combinations comprise high pressure gear pumps KP for various hydraulic applications and transfer gear pumps KF for low pressure applications such as filtration and cooling of the medium.

Our multiple pumps are used in filter technology, in plastic moulding machines, in press construction, in hydraulic systems, in steel hydraulic engineering and in rapid and creep feed applications, as well as in mobile work equipment and vehicles.


Characteristics and versions


– counter rotating direction of flow possible
– hydraulically separated
– high efficiency over large ranges of speed
– high cold start viscosities at high idling speed possible
– noise optimized for air containing oils

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High Pressure Gear Pumps KP for marine applications


Our high-pressure gear pumps KP are used for gear box and propeller lubrication as well as for controllable pitch propeller application (CPP). The pumps are manufactured entirely from spheroidal cast iron (GJS-400) and thus meet all requirements of the worldwide classification societies. The pumps can be supplied as single pumps and as multiple pumps.

Characteristics and Versions

  • noise optimized for air containing oils
  • high efficiency over large ranges of speed
  • high cold start viscosities at high idling speed possible

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Gear type flow meter VC 5 BOOSTER for fuel consumption measurement



Booster systems serve for the conditioning of fuels concerning purity, pressure and viscosity to make them usable for internal combustion engines. These systems operate under hardest conditions. The components employed must resist dirt, heat and pressure pulsations. The KRACHT gear type flow meter VC BOOSTER guarantees the highest precision under hardest conditions.

– Space-optimised design
– Detached electronics for secure evaluation outside of the hot machine areas
– Usable for all fuels

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New: Gear Pumps Series KF 1800 – 3150



The well-known pump series, the gear pump KF, has been extended to construction size KF 3150. The extension of this construction series covers a displacement of 1800 to 3150 cm³/r. Optionally these pumps can be equipped with pressure relief valve DV B or pressure control valve DV R. The employment of outboard bearings is likewise possible, as is the adaptation of special flanges to the respective customer-side attachment situation.

– Main lubrication pump for engines and as a lubricating oil pump for gearboxes

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